Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 9

Today I got to sleep in til the early afternoon while Carson went ice fishing with his friends. After I couldn’t sleep any more I got up and got ready. Then headed out to do some Christmas shopping. I got all of my presents for Carson bought, wrapped and ready to go by the time he got back from fishing. He brought back a few pretty good lookin fish. While he was gutting them he sliced his finger open. It was bleeding pretty bad. But luckily for him (and me) I took and then was a TA for an EMS class in High School (so I wasn’t freaking out). I bandaged him up and things were all good. Then that whole afternoon him and I went Christmas shopping for my family, his family and then the people we had for various gift exchanges. Got home and watched the Steelers game and then went to bed.

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