Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 7

We have been married a week today! And what better way to celebrate then go to Carson’s best friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful sealing. They got married in the Manti temple too and they were even sealed in the same room that we were. It was pretty neat to be back there, a week after we were married, same place and stuff. We went to the luncheon then back to Richfield again. I took a nap while Carson looked up some stuff on the internet because the internet at our apartment isn’t up and running yet. Then we went to Adam’s reception. It was so pretty. It was all Christmas themed. When we went through the line, they looked exactly how I felt standing in the line at our reception. Tired but so happy. It was awesome to see one of our good friends feeling that same happiness that we felt and still are feeling. At the reception we sat at a table with a bunch of the other groomsmen and their wives. It was weird to be part of that married group. It was cool but weird. Whit and molly were there too but they were sitting at another table and it was weird. I wanted to go sit by them and all my other friends but I felt like I was supposed to be with the married people. It’s cool but different to me to have other married friends. After the reception we went to Carson’s uncle Kevin’s house to pick up a dresser that he didn’t want anymore. Landon packed it in his truck and we came back to Ephraim. It’s been a busy, fun, long day.

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