Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 11

Today we slept in then we got up to go look around for a grocery store. We bought a ton of snacks and took them back to our room. We watched a ton of Supernatural and then we went out and got some lunch. We went to this little diner called Blondie’s diner. It was delicious! I got the buffalo burger and Carson got the Elk burger. Food was delicious. The lady that owned it was hilarious and so cute. Everytime she came to check up on us she would tell us stories or crack some jokes. She was a really nice lady. Fun place. We definitely recommend it to anyone who goes there. That night we went to a sports grill called Jacks. All day I had been craving pasta and there was no place in town that was open, that served pasta. We came here because TCU was playing their bowl game and we thought that we might as well watch that while we ate. Carson got a burger (again) and I got macaroni and cheese. It was the closest thing to pasta and it definitely hit the spot. We got an ice cream sundae to share and it was also really good! We went back to the room and watched some more Supernatural (it’s just one of those shows that hooks you!) We got in an argument and I went on a drive. But when I came back we talked it out and figured it all out. He is really great that way. He won’t let feelings sit and fester. He likes to resolve things then and there. He wants us both to be happy. And he works really hard to resolve any disagreements we might have.

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