Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 8

What a wonderful day. We watched a ton of football. Ate a ton of snacks. Then we packed our bags for the week and headed to Provo for my stepfamily’s Christmas party. It was such a blast. We had an Italian themed dinner. Pizza, pasta and bread galore. Plus for some strange reason there were saltenas too. So good! Then for dessert there were all sorts of things! Needless to say Carson and I were very happy. After dinner we got a visit from Santa!! The little kids were so happy! I was a little bit terrified. For some reason I am terrified of Santa. But Carson dragged me (he literally dragged me part of the way) to go take a picture with him. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him a baby. Carson told him not a baby, yet. Santa left and we played some Christmas games. There was a wordsearch, a Christmas trivia game and a Christmas movie trivia game. Then we played the stealing game. I don’t know what it’s really called but it’s my favorite part of the party every year. Each person brings a gift worth 5 dollars or less. Each table is a team. Each table gets 2 dice. Whenever you roll two sixes, the runner from your table gets to go to the gift table and bring a present back. When the gift table is out of gifts, you go and steal gifts from the other tables. This all happens in 5 minutes. Then at the end you divvy out all the gifts amongst your table and open them up. Carson got a giant starbucks mug and hot chocolate. I got crackers and a somer sausage! After the party we went to my moms house, picked up some presents people had dropped off and then headed to Richfield.

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