Monday, February 4, 2013

Oooh Baby Baby!!

It has been a while (again) since I've written last, but this time I have a good excuse! I've been busy growing a baby inside me. That's right! 

Carson and I are expecting our first baby on June 13th!!

I had a feeling that something was different. I had recently gotten extremely healthy. I was doing either Zumba or Hip-Hop everyday. I was eating healthy foods. I was loosing all the weight that I had put on with my birth control. Then all of a sudden one day I just stopped loosing weight. I thought I had just hit a slump. So I started pushing myself a little bit more.  But then I started GAINING weight! Not only that, but I just felt different. I couldn't push the thought from my head that I was pregnant. I decided to wait and see if anything changed. When it didn't start changing I bought a pregnancy test. I was terrified to take it, so I kept putting it off. Then when I was packing my bags to go up North to spend the weekend with my family, while Carson worked, I just threw it in with all my other stuff. We went to the Saturday Morning session of General Conference and during the whole meeting I couldn't shake the feeling to take the test. So right after the session I went to the bathroom and took the test. It came back positive. I freaked out. The first people to actually know were actually my sisters and my dad. My sisters were excited but it was nothing compared to my dad. He started jumping up and down like a little girl. I called my mom and told her. She was so excited too. I was still in shock. And I had no idea how I was going to tell Carson. I had been joking around with him that I was pregnant and that's why I was gaining weight again. And he wasn't too fond of that. So when I told him I wanted it to be special so I put together a little present for him:

Needless to say he was in shock. He kept asking me if I was joking. I think it finally hit him when we went to our first doctor's appointment and got to see our sweet little 8 week old 'bean'.

Then again at 10 weeks.

At my 14 week appointment we had a little scare. When I went into my regular appointment the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler. Of course it was the one and only time I had come alone. The doctor was kind of worried and scheduled an emergency ultrasound. Of course they couldn't see me for a few hours so I drove back to Ephraim, got Carson and went back to the appointment. Within ten seconds the ultrasound tech found the heartbeat and also the reason the doctor couldn't hear the heartbeat. The little stinker wouldn't stay in one place for more than five seconds. The baby was flipping, kicking, punching and headbutting. So there was no doubt that the baby was alive and well... kicking! 

Two weeks ago we found out that our baby is also very modest. It took the ultrasound tech an hour and a half almost an hour to get just the right angle to tell us that she is 90 percent sure that we are having a little baby girl. 

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