Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Headband Holder

When you have a little girl, there are a lot of little accessories that usually accumulate with her. Bows, flowers and headbands. And while they are little things, they can make a big mess if you don't have a place to put them. After browsing Pinterest and Etsy I figured that I had a pretty good idea of how to put together the hair clip/headband holder I wanted. I decided to document my little adventure along the way. 

What you need:
- picture frame
- sandpaper 
- ribbon
- paint (I used acrylic, but spraypaint works too) 
- paintbrush (if you're using acrylic paint)
- staple gun or thumbtacks
- cup hooks (I got the 7/8 inch ones from lowes)
- something to protect your table from the paint (I just used paper towels)

First, I took the glass, matting and back off the frame leaving just the wooden part. It was a little dark and pretty shiny so I sanded it down. Depending on the type of frame you get you may or may not have to sand it. Once it was sanded I laid it down on some paper towels ready to paint. 

Now keep in mind that depending on the color you want and the color of your frame, you might need to have some yellow or white on hand. I realized this after I painted my first coat.

*It might just be my perfectionist self but it was more hot pink than coral for me so I just mixed in some yellow and painted over it until I got my preferred color.*

Next, you measure out the ribbon. I measure it long because you can always cut off the extra but you can't add more. Then space out the ribbon where you want it to be. I clipped one of Marleys flowers on the ribbon so I knew there would be enough space between the ribbons. 

Next, you staple them into place. I taped mine down with some scotch tape to hold it in place while I stapled. You can also do push pins instead of staples. 

Then I marked where the hooks were going to go. I wanted them to match the color of the ribbon so I dipped the hooks in paint and let them dry. After they dried I had my strong husband screw in the hooks. Some of the paint came off so I had to touch it up. You can wait to paint the hooks until you put them in. 

Then voila! You are done! 

It has saved me and my OCD from going crazy. I love it! 

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